Thursday, December 19, 2013

Desmond Tutu is the Biggest Imposter in South Africa

Beats His Breast About the ANC

Gwede Mantashe, the communist secretary-general of the ANC, is the biggest liar in South Africa, but the award for being the biggest charlatan in the country - and of course the biggest fake in the church - goes to Desmond Tutu.
In a letter to the Mail & Guardian, the churchman Tutu, who loves wearing a white collar and putting his hands together, said he would not be voting for the ANC again and expressed his disappointment at the party's general uselessness.
Desmond Tutu the FakeExcuse me, but you, Tutu, were the bigwig in the communist front organization, the SA Council of Churches, which helped to usher in this rotten little corps of communist-inspired violent, drunken, corrupt expats to run this country, viz. the ANC.
And now you want to take the moral high ground? It just doesn’t work that way, my friend, even if you are a retired archbishop of the Anglican Church (bunch of sad liberals who are too scared to call a charlatan by its proper name) and even if you did win the Templeton Prize  of R15 million for your high moral standards. 
Correspondence to Tutu & Templeton Prize Judges Subject: Tutu/Templeton: Zuma Urges Tutu's Continued TRC Fraud Censorship; Tutu's Ultimate Spiritual Test (PDF)

RE: President Zuma urges Archbishop Tutu to continue ANC, Anti-Apartheid Movements Censorship of their TRC Fraud.; Tutu’s Ultimate Spiritual Test.  

President Zuma urges you, the ANC and Anti-Apartheid Movement to continue your sterling House Nigga work in support of the bigotry and treason of the Liberal Supremacist Elite, censoring, ignoring and covering up the Radical Honoursty evidence of TRC Fraud Censored by Mandela, Tutu, ANC and Anti-Apartheid Movement. (SABC: Zuma, ANC laud Tutu for major award)The South African government admitted it made a "mistake" in choosing a sign language interpreter for Nelson Mandela's memorial who was later exposed as a fake by experts, and who claimed to be schizophrenic.
Experts said Thamsanqa Jantjie's signing in front of US President Barack Obama and other world leaders amounted to little more than "flapping his arms around," prompting an apology from the government.
Admitting Jantjie was "not a professional sign language interpreter," junior minister for disabilities Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu said that "we can only apologise to the deaf community".
"Did a mistake happen? Yes," said the deputy minister. "But I don't think he was picked up from the street."
Bogopane-Zulu said he may have had problems with English or been tired. "I would not say he was fake," she told AFP, while acknowledging "it was bad" because he had failed to sign properly.
Jantjie insists he is qualified and a "champion of sign language," but said his behaviour was down to a sudden attack of schizophrenia, for which he takes medication.
"There was nothing I could do. I was alone in a very dangerous situation," he told Johannesburg daily The Star, adding that he was hearing voices and hallucinating.
"I tried to control myself and not show the world what was going on. I am very sorry. It's the situation I found myself in," he added.
The revelations raised questions about how Jantjie, who was at one point little more than an arm's length away from Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, was vetted and received security clearance.
Brian Leary, a US Secret Service spokesman, said that it was the South African organising committee's responsibility to deal with participants and sign language interpreters.

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