Friday, December 26, 2014



Vale Sister Philomene Tiernan, killed on Flight MH17

A LONE figure walked around the high-walled institution. She was noted in a way others weren’t. It was the audacity of difference.
It was arresting, moving. It felt like there was a still centre to her being; a conviction that she was strongly, joyously here, in this place; doing exactly what she wanted to do in life. She glowed with contentment. She was living freely, as a female; with great purpose. It felt oddly, exhilaratingly feminist. Empowered.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
, found dead in his New York apartment last month, died of an accidental overdose of drugs,

Phillip Joel Hughes (30 November 1988 – 27 November 2014) was an 
Australian Test and One Day 

International (ODI) cricketer who played domestic cricket for South Australia 

Phillip Street is a street in the central business district 

of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

NSW Premier Mike Baird advised people who normally work in the
... to be a Lindt uniform, is shown escaping 

out a side door on Phillip Street.

Phillip Phillips coming to Santa Rosa's Wells Fargo Center (w/video)

Listening to Phillip Phillips' hit recordings isn't adequate preparation for hearing the singer and songwriter talk. There's a bit of a twang in his .

PHILLIP Hughes' family has given their blessing to an initiative proposed by the Cricket
 Association of Nepal 
to play a 63-over tribute match in .