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 This combustible research project is slated for launch in 2016, and will be activated at a distance from the International Space Station to avoid, you know, setting our only orbital outpost ablaze. The details of the mission are covered in a new video released on Friday by NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

One legend is that the numbers in the society's emblem ("322") represent "founded in '32, 2nd corps",

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"This One" is a single from Paul McCartney's 1989
album, Flowers in the Dirt. The song reached number 18 on the UK singles chart.


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The Amazing Providential 234!
In the endeavor to discover the secret of the cipher ‘666’, in Revelation 13:18, I’ve found that the number ‘234’ pops-up around every corner.  I read the account that Vincent Tan gave regarding his possible encounter with an angel and the ‘change’ he left totaling $2.34.  However, the value of 234 and its connection to the 666 cipher was first evident in the verse itself as 13 x 18 = 234.  Another verse in which the number 666 appears is 2 Chronicles 9:13 which also multiplies to 234 (2 x 9 x 13).  Relating to the number of the beast, one of the key verses describing the antichrist is Daniel 9:26 which also multiplies (9 x 26) to 234.  Is it coincidence or providence?  Some would say that chapter and verses are randomly assigned and any meaning given to them would be tantamount to divination or necromancy.  While some may use Bible chapter and verse for predictive purposes, it is not my intention to ever encourage or condone those practices.  I will say with conviction that I believe that God ordained chapter and verse to rightly divide His Word, even though it is a relatively recent addition.  The patterns are evident and can be more accurately described by visiting  The purpose of this article is to display all of the connections involving the number 234, the suspected antichrist, Bible gematria and mathematics.
As described in some of the occurrences of 234 and the multiples of 234.
1.  The Ordinal 6-6 Hebrew value of LUCIFER is 234!
2.  The gematria of the sea beast is 1404 (6 times 234!)
3.  The Heads, Horns and Crowns of the Dragon total to either 24 or 66.  The 24th triangular number is 300 which has a satellite value total of 234 which leaves 66as the remaining core value.  The dragon either has 24 (17+7) OR 66 (17+(7x7))
4.  24, 27, 66 and 117 are the total minimum and maximum Heads, Horns and Crowns of the dragon and the beast.  The total of those four possible numbers is 234!
5.  1404 is twelve times the English standard of Barack.

“Understanding fire in space has been the focus of many experiments over the years,” Saffire-1 co-investigator Gary Ruff said during the press call. Ruff noted that while many small, centimeter-sized fires have been lit in space before, “to really understand fire, you’ve gotta look at a more realistic size.”
The entire experiment will be conducted autonomously, with temperature, O2, and CO2 sensors collecting data on the burn in real time, which, Ruff noted, “may be as short as 15 to 20 minutes.” Two cameras will capture footage on one side of the burning material, while radiometers will measure the heat coming off of either side. All of this data will be returned to the ground 8 days later, when Orbital ATK takes control of, and de-orbits, the hopefully-still-intact vehicle.