Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ancient, biblical 'Jacob sheep' ready to return to Israel after Hamilton stay


A flock of ancient and Biblical sheep are ready to return to Israel after stops in Hamilton and Abbotsford, B.C.
They're called the Jacob sheep, named for the ancient sheep that gave the wool in the multicoloured coat Jacob was said to have given his son Joseph. A story told in the book of Genesis.
The sheep were kept in Israel, so the story goes, but have been extinct there for centuries. That's where Hamilton and Abbotsford come in. 
The sheep live at Dunlea Farms in Jerseyville in West Hamilton, but soon will be headed to the home of their ancestors.
About two years ago in Abbotsford, Gil and Jenna Lewinsky came to own four Jacob sheep — a hearty breed known for having a patchwork coat of white, black and brown. 
The sheep can have up to six horns, but most have four, often growing long and curved. They came from the Levant region, an area to the east of the Mediterranean Sea including Israel, Syria, Jordan, Iraq among other countries.