Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Death of John Denver Oct 13, 1997 HOAX AND NASA MEMES



 He died at an appropriate age (53, 5+3 = 8, Spook marker*), and the circumstances of his death are completely hinky. He is said to have been struggling with the fuel tank switch in his Long EZ, a second-hand home-assembled model he bought and flew even as he could easily afford something new, something factory built. It doesn’t read well. Denver, a smart man and accomplished pilot with hundreds of hours of flight time, was not going to perish in an act of idiocy.
Other markers of fake death are present as well. Denver’s once-prolific output had dwindled, his more current offerings were just not very good. As with Elvis, Karen Carpenter, John Lennon and most recently Prince, faking death is a business decision that maximizes the monetary value of the body of work. Denver’s Greatest Hits, along with his cutting room debris, have all been repackaged and resold to the tune of millions of dollars, as with the others who fake their deaths.

Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.
December 31, 1943
Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.
DiedOctober 12, 1997 (aged 53)
Monterey BayCalifornia, U.S.
The NTSB interviewed 20 witnesses of Denver's last flight. Six of them had seen the plane crash into the ocean near Point Pinos.[35][36] Four witnesses stated the aircraft was originally heading west. Five said they saw the plane in a steep bank, with four these saying the bank was to the right (north). Twelve witnesses described seeing the aircraft in a steep nose-down descent. Witnesses estimated the plane's altitude at 350 to 500 feet while heading toward the shoreline. Eight said that they heard a "pop" or "backfire", accompanied by a reduction in the engine noise level just before the airplane crashed into the sea.