Friday, January 6, 2017


So I thought it was time we had a real dead girl in the team, and, clearly, Diana was made for X-Statix: someone famous for being famous. In the world of the X-Men, the mutants are feared and hated. In X-Statix, they have turned this around and made themselves stars - glamorous, rich and powerful. That seems, to me, to be pretty much what Diana did inside the royal family.

The Daily Mail's anger was, I suppose, predictable, although I suspect that the Mail's readers are not our target audience.
I was amused to read a source from the palace saying that it was "appalling". I presumed that they all hated and feared Diana, and breathed a collective, establishment-sized sigh of relief when she died.
If any of them actually reads all five episodes of Di Another Day, they will see that Diana comes out of it a lot better than the British establishment.
Indeed, a couple of old palace eminence grise types arrange for this resurrected mutant zombie to be killed. "And this time, let's do it properly," one of them says.


Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is a founding member of the Justice League, demigoddess, and warrior princess of the Amazonian people. In her homeland, she is Princess Diana of Themyscira

First appearance‎: ‎All Star Comics‎ ‎#8‎; ...

Alter ego‎: ‎Princess Diana of Themyscira
Species‎: ‎Amazonian‎ (‎Demigod‎); (2011...

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die"—The Mysterious "X" factor

An X is an ancient symbol for change or transformation.. .long associated in medieval and renaissance art with the coming of the Messiah who shall make all things new. —Jim Tresner, 33°
Scottish Rite Journal 

The Illuminist/Masonic meaning of the X is simply this: It is the sign of Osiris, the great (Egyptian) sun God... 

 In Aramaic (the language of the Talmud)
, the word Nun means "fish," a symbol of activity and life.

The “Aleph and Tav” (Alpha and Omega) …. Yeshua (Jesus) said (in Hebrew not Greek), “I am the Alpha (Aleph) and the Omega (Tav), the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last,” Revelation 22:13. The Messianic Seal contains yet another indication clearly of both the “Aleph” and the “Tav” a symbolic representation of the Messiah, Yeshua, Himself. Scripture abounds with the concept established by our Lord; First to the Jew and then to the Gentile (Romans 1:16Matthew 4:23-25). Yeshua was first the Jewish Messiah, even though He was mostly rejected by those whom He was first given …hence, His later presentation by the Apostle Paul to the Gentiles in order to make the Jews jealous (Romans 11:11). The Messianic Seal that was first given as a divine inspiration to the distinctively Jewish Synagogue on Mount Zion, has re-emerged after nearly two thousand years of suppression, only once again to be given “first to the Jews” …the contemporary Messianic Jewish Body in Israel …and only then to the Gentile Christian Church, and world beyond. Christians around the world are seeking to know more about their Hebraic Roots and connecting with their Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters to form a One-New-Man together