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Clan MacLeod of The Lewes, commonly known as Clan MacLeod of Lewis, is a Highland Scottish clan, which at its height held extensive lands in the Western Isles and west coast of Scotland. From the 14th century up until the beginning of the 17th century there were two branches of Macleods: the MacLeods of Dunvegan and Harris (Clan MacLeod); and the Macleods of Lewis. In Gaelic the Macleods of Lewis were known as Sìol Thorcaill ("Seed of Torquil"), and the MacLeods of Dunvegan and Harris were known as Sìol Thormoid ("Seed of Tormod").[2]

Óláfr Guðrøðarson (Old Norse pronunciation: [ˈoːlaːvr ˈɡuðruðarsson]), commonly known in English as Olaf the Black,[note 1] was a mid 13th century sea-king who ruled the Isle of Man (Mann) and parts of the Hebrides. Óláfr was the son of Guðrøðr ÓláfssonKing of the IslesKing of Dublin, and his wife Finnguala, granddaughter of Muirchertach Mac LochlainnHigh King of Ireland,

McLeod downs Bees - Football - Eurosport Australia

Izale McLeod came off the bench to score twice against his former side and help MK Dons to a 4-1 friendly win over Barnet. 

Stornoway black pudding butcher left £3.3m in will - The Scotsman

May 13, 2016 - THE butcher behind the world famous Stornoway black pudding left a fortune of more than £3.3 million in his will. Charlie “Barley” Macleod, 67, ..

Corby Town[edit]

On 24 November 2016, McLeod joined Northern Premier League side Corby Town.[53]

Lews Castle (Scottish GaelicCaisteal Leòdhais) is a Victorian era castle located west of the town of StornowayIsle of Lewis, Scotland. It was built in the years 1844-51 as a country house for Sir James Matheson who had bought the whole island a few years previously with his fortune from the Chinese Opium trade. It was designed by the Glasgow architect Charles Wilson.[1]

Motto‎: ‎Luceo non uro (I shine not burn)
Origin of Name‎: ‎Gaelic, Son of Leod, from Norse ...

Crest‎: ‎The sun in splendor,