Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Gold Silver Bitcoin crash and Daniel

The bitcoin and other computer money cover for the lack of physical gold, I think. If you look at our languages from English to Celtic to Hebrew etc, Gold and Light intertwine. Or/Ur light in Hebrew; Oro, etc in Spanish etc. Welsh has many dozens of words that begin with Eur-, which means Gold and has the same Or Ur sound. We even give the name to our waste products in Ur-ine. When the Germans asked for their gold back from the Americans, it took several months for the US to come up with it. More interestingly, the US returned different gold than the stamped gold the Germans deposited. The price of gold has gone through the roof in India and China. Big players created Bitcoin and they will control what happens to it, just like elections. I don't see the "end time" scenario either, because chaos costs money and these creatures care about profit more than anything. A working society produces real wealth for them, while anarchy would cause problems. Better to have hard working drones who obey the Queen than a bunch of crazy people running around. Your bee videos show the real agenda I think. Hard working bees make for good lives for the bee keepers. Dead bees or starving bees don't help the beekeepers. Beekeepers do things to quiet the bees that resemble false flags, like smoking them before opening the lids to the hives. Frightened bees make for obedient bees.--TOM CARBERRY comment on this video
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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Lady Thelma Furness, a mistress of the Prince of Wales.

THELEMA!!!!Furness Furnish  mmmmmmm!!!!!!

 "The F├╝hrer appears to have been highly impressed by her sophistication, her intelligence and her charms. At that first meeting she wore one of her most elegant outfits, calculating it would impress him. It seems to have done so, because Hitler greeted her with uncharacteristic warmth, kissing her on the hand. It was far from usual for Hitler to be so attentive to women, particularly women introduced to him for the first time. The princess was invited to take tea with him, and once seated beside him, according to her unpublished memoirs. Hitler scarcely took his piercing eyes off her."

On 10th December, 1936, the king signed a document that stated he he had renounced "the throne for myself and my descendants." The following day he made a radio broadcast where he told the nation that he had abdicated because he found he could not "discharge the duties of king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.

From the 1940s until their deaths, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt and her sister Thelma, Lady Furness lived together in New York City and in Los Angeles, California. They wrote a dual memoir called "Double Exposure: A Twin Autobiography (D McKay, 1958). Mrs. Vanderbilt died in 1965 of cancer and was interred at Holy Cross