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The origin of the glyph shape of qōp (Phoenician qoph.svg) is uncertain. It is usually suggested to have originally depicted either a sewing needle, specifically the eye of a needle (the Hebrew קוף means "hole"), or the back of a head and neck (qāf in Arabic meant "nape").[1] According to an older suggestion, it may also have been a picture of a monkey and its tail


 Isaac Taylor, History of the Alphabet: Semitic Alphabets, Part 1, 2003: "The old explanation, which has again been revived by Halévy, is that it denotes an 'ape,' the character Q being taken to represent an ape with its tail hanging down. It may also be referred to a Talmudic root which would signify an 'aperture' of some kind, as the 'eye of a needle,' ... Lenormant adopts the more usual explanation that the word means a 'knot'.

That sums up the KOPH. The KOPH is the precurser of our letter Q. Its meaning is is a little obscure, but with a little effort, it comes into focus. 

The KOPH was original a picture of the BACK of a mans head. The idea being portrayed as that of "FOLLOWING" after or behind, or to follow in a circuit or cycle. As a word, it is only used in scriptures as the word for "ape". Apes are known for mimicking or "following" what you do. The root word "KOPH", which is used in scripture in the derivitive word "t'KOPHah is used of the CIRCUIT or cycle of the FEAST year. (Ex 34:22) The FEASTS are called HOLY convocations. They are based on many CYCLES of SEVENS. Now, the KOPH(also sp. KUF) is made up of the letters ZAYIN and KAF


The ZAYIN has a value of SEVEN and the KAF is the bent hand that means to be bent into the likeness or "as", "like", so the KOPH made up of these two would be "bent to the seven" or "in likeness of the seven". The gematria of all seven FEASTS added together(3860) is the SAME* as the gematria of YESHUA(386). The word SEVEN in Greek (hepta) also has a gematria of 386. The feasts are ALL types of the work of YESHUA, and so it is fitting that they add up to the same. To be bent in the likeness of the seven is the same as being bent to the likeness of YESHUA!…………being bent into HOLINESS!

KOPH is used for the number 100, the age (the "set time") of Abraham when Isaac was born.(Gen 17:21) The term "set time" used in this verse is the same Hebrew word used for FEAST!

The KOPH is the 19th letter, and corresponds to the 19th time that the word "mystery" occurs in the NT which is in Rev. 1:20……….all about SEVENS!

The Sun (XIX) is a trump card in

 the tarot deck. Tarot trumps are often called Major Arcana by tarot card readers.

A. E. Waite suggested that this card is associated with attained knowledge. An infant rides a white horse under the anthropomorphized sun, with sunflowers in the background. The child of life holds a red flag, representing the blood of renewal while a smiling sun shines down on him, representing accomplishment. The conscious mind prevails over the fears and illusions of the unconsciousInnocence is renewed through discovery, bringing hope for the future.

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Number 19

Atlas V Rocket Launches EchoStar 19 Broadband Internet Satellite ... Dec. 2016
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launches the EchoStar 19 communications satellite into orbit from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape
 ..41 =14=77

Wipeout! Huge 19 meter high wave sets new record -

6 days ago - An automated buoy recorded the wave in a part of the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and the U.K. on 4 February 2013. It was 19 meters, ...

Giant 19-metre wave recorded off the coast of Great Britain taller than ... › News › World news
6 days ago - A giant 19-metre tidal wave - taller than four double-decker buses - recorded off the coast of Great Britain has set a WORLD record as the ...

BIGGEST WAVE OF ALL TIME 19 M A towering 19-meter (62.3ft) wave ...

6 days ago - A towering 19-meter (62.3ft) wave in the North Atlantic has set a world record as the highest ever measured by a buoy, according to the UN's weather agenc

19 DECEMBER 2016    19 12 9  ===22 MASTER NUMBER 


eal Madrid star Sergio Ramos's tattoos on his fingers have sparked ...

The Sun-12 Dec. 2016

Any true Real Madrid fan will know what the number on his middle finger ... There is a bit of controversy over what the number 19 means.
. and in clinics across Berlin reported a high number of fractures and . 

Number 19 is made up of the first and last single number; 1 and 9. This makes number 19 a number of completions. Number 19 is the number of beginning and end.
Number 19 is an auspicious number being associated with success and honor. This number is filled with joy and happiness.
The moon will appear in the exact position among the stars every 19th year.
This is called the Metonic cycle or Enneadecaeteris (Greek word meaning nineteen years) and is the 19 year cycle of the moon.
The lunar and solar cycles coincide every 19 years.
Number 19 is the number of spiritual activity in Kabbalah.

 In the Tarot number 19 is the Sun. All great things are associated with the sun. This is a very auspicious card.
Number 19 has much of the same qualities as number 1. This is because the digit sum equals 1; 1+9=10 – 1+0=1.
Number 19 is a masculine number.
In Islam number 19 has the numerological value of Wahid. Wahid is one of the names for God and means “One”.
In Islam there are 19 angles guarding Hell stated in the Qur’an 74:30; Over it are nineteen [angels].
Anniversary of marriage which marks 19 years is bronze.

The number 19 is the atomic number of Potassium (K).

The 19th State of the United States

Indiana became the 19th state of the U.S. in 1816. On the side note; there is a town in Indiana called Santa Claus. It is the only postal address in the world that officially bears this name. We suspect they receive lots of mail close to Christmas.

Number 19 in the Baha’i Faith

Number 19 is an important number in the Baha’i Faith. Their calendar has 19 months. Each of the 19 months consists of 19 days. They have a 19 year cycle. The super cycle is 19X19, 361 year.
Every 19 days people of the Baha’i faith come together for a meeting they call “The Feast”.
The founder of the Baha’i faith was Baha’u’llah. There were 19 Apostles.

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The Scottish Rite Freemasons, on the cover of the September 2000 issue of their official journal, recognized "Brother Michael A. Richards" as a "Renaissance Man, Not Kramer." Richards, a Jew, is the well known comic actor who won raves for his role as "Kramer" in the long-running #1 hit TV show, Seinfeld. Inside the Masonic Lodge magazine, it was noted that Richards holds the 32nd degree of Freemasonry and has received the red cap.

Richards says he is a keen student of Masonry and its symbolism and has over 1,000 masonic books in his home in California. Observe Michael Richards' clearly Masonic handsign, which presents the V and is the "due-guard" sign of initiation in the Order of Knights Templar which relates to the penalty of the obligation—the oath agreeing that one's head will be impaled on the highest spire in Christendom as a penalty for revealing secrets. The sign is also similar to the sign for the "due-guard" of the Past Master, 5th degree in the Scottish Rite.

The Neck Ritual

The neck, being the bridge to the head and brain (intellect) and the point at which the jugular vein can be ruptured by a knife or stone thrust, does seem to be an appropriate place to physically focus this sign. Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor summarizes the "Penal" code of Freemasonry. That reference book says the various penal signs are designed so that each "intimates that the stiff neck of the disobedient shall be cut off from the head of the living..."3

The ritual for the Grand Master Elect Degree, according to Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry, has the candidate either placing the point of a knife under the chin, or alternatively clenching the fingers of the right hand, extending the thumb, placing it on the abdomen, and moving it upwards to the chin, as if ripping the body open with a knife.

In the York Rite, the Past Master, or Fifth Degree, the candidate places the thumb of his right hand (fingers clinched) upon his lips. This, says Duncan's, "alludes to the penalty of having his tongue split from tip to root."4