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Terror at the Royal Wedding

There is an alignment of the planets  thus the right energy for a  mass  killing  Mi 6  loves  such  events  and  how  they snobbed  the  labour party well  that is  evil anyway  tory snobs

April 29th, 2011: Endeavor Launch And Royal Wedding - Illuminati Timetable?, page 1

royal wedding sorcery

the luciferian blueprint – the key that unlocks – the source of religion


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April 27, 2011 – MORE TEXT … Beatification of Pope John Paul II – MAY 1 – Prayer Vigil At CIRCUS MAXIMUS ROME (Sacramento Valley), BELTANE – Walpurgis Night – MAY 1, Feast of St. Catherine April 29, Green Man/King Of The Wood Sacrifice May 1, Trees And Greenery In Westminster Abbey For Royal Wedding, The VIETNAM WAR – May 1, … etc.

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April 24, 2011 – MORE CHARTS and TEXT … Gabrielle Giffords SHOT 111 DAYS BEFORE ROYAL WEDDING! Gabrielle Giffords Will ATTEND ENDEAVOR LAUNCH

… plus more on DIANA… bottom of page

APRIL 23, 2011 – P.59 – Space Shuttle ENDEAVOR=DEVOUR April 29, 2011 – Marriage Supper – Royal Wedding

Now with 7 NEW CHARTS bottom of page… with additional text to accompany the charts … and an update on VOLCANOS DIAMONDS CARATS CARROTS and BUGS BUNNY



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APRIL 11, 2011 – P.59 - WILLIAM MARRIES DIANA His Mother – The Oedipus Complex – Sexual Possession Of The Mother By The Son

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APRIL 9, 2011 – P.59 -Chart Demonstrating Subliminal With Prince William Sound EQ and Hurricane Katrina

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APRIL 7, 2011 – P.59 -…more Engagement Ring Subliminals – EASTER / PASSOVER / and the ROYAL WEDDING


APRIL 5, 2011 – P.59 - Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring – 444 DAYS From Beginning of 2010 Olympics to MAYDAY! 2011 – William and Kate’s Wetting – WikiLeaks/Waikiki LEAKS – Tunisia-Egypt-Yemen … the ARAB WORLD EXPLODES


MARCH 25, 2011 – P.58 – More Charts and Text relating to the FISH GOD SALMON / SOLOMON and the JAPANESE EQ, the Mitre Fish Hat of the Catholic Church, and the Mithras Sun God

The Number 4-44-444-4444 and the Relationship to the Washington Monument, the 4 Corner Cross, the number 37, the Number 555.5, the number 120 and the DATE OF NOVEMBER 11, 2013.


This topic will deal with the arrangements of planets as seen from our perspective, and some historical coincedenses that might allude to astrology practiced on a world scale. As before, I state that I am not a professional or an expert in any subjects brought up in this presentation and discussion. I'm just having fun with mysterious topics...............anyway, here goes.

In the past decades I would hear about, from time to time, an upcoming planetary alignment. On the appointed night I would look, and sure enough, the planets were prettty much tightly packed in the same part of the sky. I'm not sure what my mind expected, but I have to admit, I was never really impressed. If anything, it just seemed conveinient if one had a telescope, but that's about all.

Recently, I picked up the hobby of amature astronomy, and I guess by default, became a sky-watcher. I learned the pathways of the planets in the night sky, and would use programs like stellarium to observe the planet movements. This past summer, on July 13, 2010 I was watching the western sky right after sundown and noticed saturn, mars, venus, mercury, and the moon making a diagonal straight line all the way down to the horizon where the sun had just disapeared. Right then I exclaimed out loud "Now THAT'S a planetary allignment." 

Watching that made me go to stellarium and play with the clock funtions like it was a game. I realised that yes, the planets do this all the time year after year to some extent, but I couldn't help but wonder if what I could see was inspiration for what astrology was all about. The extent of my astrology knowledge is whatever I might have picked up from TV shows or, not much.

Recently, in another topic, Phage introduced me to a cool little planetary sim. He might as well had given me a box of matches 
planet sim

I have to admit, I got control of the program, and went straight for Dec 21, 2012................and.........nothing.

But a few weeks later, I played around with the sim and noticed a really nice alignment in May of 2011. Once I saw it I wondered what it would look like from my viewpoint.


YES THEY  ARE  PLANNING A  FALSE  FLAG  crazy  but  true  this year is  upheaval and destruction

Royal Wedding 2011: Terror alert as security chiefs warn attack is 'highly likely' 

Daily Mail - ‎Apr 25, 2011‎
Disruption: The government has been warned that republican groups could launch attacks on the day of the Royal Wedding between Kate and William on Friday

hornbeam. and THE ROYAL WEDDING 666


Hornbeams are relatively smallhardwood trees in the genusCarpinus


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Life in Libya under Gaddafi:
1. Electricity for household use is free,
2. interest-free loans during the study,
3. receives the average salary for this profession if you do not find a job after graduation,
4. the state has paid for to work in the profession,
5. Every unemployed person receives social assistance 15,000 $ a year,
6. after the entry into marriage state pays first apartment or house (150m2),
7. buying cars at factory prices,
+man made river in heart of Sahara

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lost pyramid found in australian jungle!!!!



strange electricity generator

strange electricity generator




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News Analysis: What can world learn from BRICS summit in Sanya?

Sanya, China, April 14 (Xinhua) -- Sanya, China's southernmost city in Hainan province, is said to be a place where five of the major rivers in the region converge before flowing into the ocean. On Thursday, five emerging economies in the world also met here to help create a new world order.
The leaders of China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa wrapped up a one-day summit with repeated calls for reforming the global monetary and financial system and more promises of cooperation among themselves, but uncertainties lingered over how the so-called BRICS mechanism could fit in a fast-changing world.
Five summiteers, from four different continents, spoke four distinct languages.
When the leaders of China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa met for the BRICS Leaders Meeting in Sanya, the gathering itself spoke a lot how much the world had changed as decades of strong economic growth pushed major emerging economies not only closer to each other but also to the center of the world stage.
Aware of this change of the world economic order, the BRICS countries called for changes in the global economic governance architecture so that it could better reflect their voices on global economic issues.
"The governing structure of the international financial institutions should reflect the changes in the world economy, increasing the voice and representation of emerging economies and developing countries," said the Sanya Declaration released at the end of the meeting.
Besides, they also aimed at reforming the international monetary and financial system.
"Recognizing that the international financial crisis has exposed the inadequacies and deficiencies of the existing international monetary and financial system, we support the reform and improvement of the international monetary system," they said.
The current global economic order, established over decades after World War II, had long been dominated by developed countries, a fact criticized more and more often by major emerging economies.
Traditional economic powerhouses like the United States and some other European countries had not only enjoyed a much larger say at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, they also had tended to make crucial decisions on global economic issues at the exclusive summits of the Group of Eight (G8) countries.
The arrangement had worked for decades, but appeared increasingly incompetent in the past decade as the rise of major emerging economies dramatically changed the world economic landscape, with fast growing developing countries like China and India accounting for a bigger and bigger chunk of the world economy.
Many of the changes the BRICS countries eyed, however, might not come easily.
Yielding to pressure from developing countries, the World Bank decided to transfer 3.13 percent of its voting rights from developed countries to developing members in 2010. The IMF, meanwhile, said it would increase the quotas of the developing countries by 6 percent before 2012.
But even after those changes, the developed countries still had a larger representation at the two organizations.
As for changing the international monetary system, the task could prove to be even more difficult.
The BRICS countries believe the dollar has failed to provide much needed stability to the world economy as the value of the greenback fluctuated dramatically based on the U.S. domestic economic situation and monetary policies.
But the dollar still accounted more than 60 percent of global foreign exchange reserves. None of the currencies of the BRICS countries are now widely used outside their respectively countries.
But the BRICS countries seemed determined to change the status quo, partly by increasing financial cooperation among themselves.
A Russian bank said at a financial forum held on the sidelines of the BRICS leaders meeting that it was considering issuing bonds denominated in the Chinese yuan in Hong Kong.
BRICS bank officials also said the five countries could conduct bilateral trade in their own currencies to reduce reliance on the dollar and pave the way for their own currencies to play a bigger international role.
Analysts expect changes to the international organizations and the current global monetary system to come only gradually as the BRICS countries had to bargain their way onto the center of the world stage with the developed countries.
A strengthened BRICS mechanism where the five countries could speak in a unified and stronger voice was helpful in this process.

Man bursts into flames in San Francisco porn shop

A MAN caught fire Wednesday evening inside a San Francisco porn store and was fighting for his life in the hospital after suffering third-degree burns, KCBS-TV reported.
Arson experts said it was not clear what ignited the fire but police said the man had been watching videos in a private booth when the blaze erupted.
The man ran out the front door of the adult arcade "engulfed in flames" and was spotted by police standing across the street, a police spokesman told KCBS.
"He came out of the building already on fire," Lt. Kevin McNaughton said.
Firefighters, who luckily were only about a block away on an unrelated call, raced to the scene and doused the flames.

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Millions impoverished as food gets more expensive

 The World Bank says the rising cost of food has pushed 44 million people below the poverty line. The bank's latest report shows that the global food prices have soared 36 per cent in a year - taking them to the same highs as the 2008 food ...

Jewish groups mobilize against Palestinian unilateralism