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Indeed, studying the history of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) is both interesting and revealing. It is a study that has, in the end, less to do with politics and more to do with secret orders and hidden agendas. The persistent student eventually becomes aware that, from the earliest times, some of the most notorious and conspicuous founders and leaders of the major Irish rebel bodies were in fact counter-revolutionaries. They were agents of the British establishment. There is evidence to show that this was almost certainly the case with the infamous James Stephens (IRB), John O'Mahony (Fenian Brotherhood), and P. J. Tynan (Invincibles). In our opinion, nothing has changed. We believe that the insidious ploy is still in effect today. Men of this sort, positioned as they were in senior positions of Irish rebel organizations, were not interested in freeing the Irish people. They worked for the contrary purpose, and were, we believe, instructed to make sure that authenticrevolutionary movements did not rise to successfully threaten the British establishment or imperial status quo. In our opinion, they were supremely successful. It is our contention that many leaders of terrorist cells throughout the world - be they of the political "left" or "right" - are, in fact, expert fifth columnists, funded and instructed by agents of British Intelligence. Some recent examples are F. W. De-Klerk and Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Boris Yeltsin of Russia, Lech Walesa of Poland, and Robert Mugabe of Rhodesia. This fact remains largely unknown to the masses. It remains unknown to the duped members of the world's many secret societies and terrorist movements.


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weston price

Hi! Some info for you


Good video against Weston A Price!

Here is some info for you. Use it. Put it in your videos & comments.

1. The MAIN SPOKESPERSON for the Weston A. Price Foundation is dead. His name was "Stephen Byrnes". He went around saying Meat & Fat were good for your heart, the diet lead to long life, and never caused strokes.. The spokesperson for the Weston A. Price Foundation DIED OF A STROKE!

In his 40's!

Go type "Stephen Byrnes" into Google. You'll see it. Go get all the info on it, and then you can debunk any Weston A. Price meat-head by telling EVERYONE around his comments that the main Weston A. Price spokesperson died of a stroke and heart disease in his 40's while eating the Weston A. Price Meat Diet. That about says it all.

Next, you know this lowcarb diet thing is also the same garbage. Atkins diet, tells people go eat saturated fat, meat, etc. ATKINS IS DEAD! They tried to say he died of a fall, but go Google it. Go put "ATKINS SMOKINGGUN" into google and look. You can see his death certificate. It shows he weighed 258 POUNDS! So the guy who pushed his meat & fat as a "diet" died FAT! He was fat!

Now, what happened next, was his wife (who would inherit all his wealth from the Atkins diet books and benefit financially, keep in mind) tried to cover it up and say no he wasn't 258, only 195 and the hospital bloated him up. (yah, right, 60 pounds?) But here's the thing... 195 is STILL CLASSIFIED AS MEDICALLY OBESE! 195 for his height is still Obese, just not "morbidly" obese like 258. SO he was STILL FAT! So much for his own diet!

That's not all! Again, he went around telling people to eat tons of MEAT (telling them it's protein) and SATURATED FAT was good for your heart --- His autopsy showed evidence of heart attacks and a stroke! SO what happened, was that the guy probably had a stroke, fell over, and THEN hit his head.

So now you can post to all these Lowcarb Atkins meat fat heads that cheer the Atkins lowcarb meat diet, that
it KILLED its creator! And he died FAT and had heart disease from the meat!

There's more... ATKINS IS BANKRUPT!

Go put "ATKINS BANKRUPTCY" into Google and look what comes up!

Google that stuff, copy it down, and then post it all over not just your own vids, but go and post on Weston A Price vids and Atkins and Lowcarb vids that Weston A. Price's spokesperson who ate their meat is DEAD, in his 40's of a stroke! And Atkins is dead, and died of heart disease and was Obese, and Atkins filed for bankruptcy!

One more good one. The next ridiculous one is PALEO. The "CAVEMAN DIET". These Paleo bozos go around saying eat meat not grains because caveman didn't eat grains, and grains "only" came about starting at 10,000 years ago=WRONG!

Now you can post against EVERY single Paleolithic meat diet idiot, that the caveman diet is DEBUNKED!

Archaeologists and Paleontologists found that Caveman ate veggies & GRAINS! They have dug up evidence of paleo man making grains and bread 30-thousand years ago!

So every paleo dieter is now debunked and discredited.

You see, they say this didn't happen, and Science found it did!

They tell people not to eat grain 'because all our health problems started 10,000 years ago when man started making grain and so you should eat what cavemen ate before that because before 10,000 years ago, cavemen were great and healthy' -- that's what Paleo idiots attempt to tell people-- its now proven scientifically WRONG!

They are now debunked by the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES.

See, Paleo idiots claimed man was healthy *before* 10,000 years ago, and claimed man ate tons of meat and didn't eat grain, well, now Science shows that paleo man was eating vegetables and GRAINS right during the time all these Paleo bozos are claiming man was 'healthy' so the foundation of their entire diet is now put in a casket.

Tell people all Paleolithic meat diets are now debunked by Science. Put "Cavemen ate grain" into google to read it, or "Paleo man ate grain 30,000 years ago" put that into any search engine. You'll see. :)

Good work. Keep it up.

Post these facts all over facebook and here and wherever you do your good work.

Take care!

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acdc rock london

Rock legends AC/DC visit London

Rock group AC/DC are still managing to fill stadiums around the world, after more than three decades in the music business.
They made a rare appearance before the media in London on Friday, for the world premiere of their live DVD, to the delight of their UK fans who turned out in force.
Emma Jones reports.


media bias in libya


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Dwindling oil reserves across the world have made the commodity expensive to obtain.
The US and UK have permanent interests in oil. It is not surprising that those countries and France quickly formed a military coalition to attack Libya. Those countries would not have been interested in protecting “innocent lives” and upholding “universal human rights” in countries where there was no oil. The crisis in Libya needs to be seen in a proper perspective stripped off the doctored and manipulated photos and videos emanating from the West. Iam  critical of the media for mounting a massive propaganda campaign against Libya:
I am appalled at how the media downplayed the fact that under the pretext of “protecting innocent lives and upholding democracy”, western countries want to get rid of Gaddafi, in order to lay their hands on Libya’s vast oil reserves.
Geraldine Celente - well known political affairs analyst said: “In war, truth is the first casualty – propaganda and lies now reign supreme in the Libyan war.”  I have been monitoring events in Libya through France24 and CNN (Al-Jazerra.) I am professionally dismayed that those TV networks are part of a unilateral bias, peddling politically motivated and dishonest reporting. I became suspicious when a news gathering agency feeds us one type of story: “Rebels are good – Gaddafi is bad. 
All the bullets fired by Gaddafi are evil and “killing his people,” while the bullets fired by the rebels are for “Liberation.” Nothing is said about western aerial bombardments targeting civilian population centers in Libya. 
The western media turned a blind eye when in the early days of the uprising; the rebels prowled the streets of Benghazi slaughtering dark skinned Libyans claiming they were mercenaries. Skilful disinformation painted the insurrectionists in Benghazi as “freedom fighters” and “democracy protesters”, but these are the same people who participated in the year 2000 race riots against Africans, slaughtering hundreds of them. “Killing his people” is just political rhetoric, it carries no weight when countries have always engaged in their own internal conflicts.  Was the American Civil War not “killing its own people?”  Are the rebels Gaddafi is killing, not killing back also?
The media has dismally failed to serve us with a wide range of opinions on whether all channels have been exhausted to prevent the fighting in Libya. St. Augustine and St. Aquinas laid down the criteria for a just war. One was that every effort should be made to prevent war. Every effort has not been made to prevent the fighting in Libya. I was a delegate in the Federal Republic of Germany at the invitation of Inter-Nationes in 1992 to observe the Legal System with Special Reference to Human Rights. I enquired from my host, why the country did not take part in the Gulf War.
The response was that Germany took a moral decision not to lead a war for oil. Germany, has again taken a moral stand not to partake in the on-going war for oil in Libya.  The Arab League’s Secretary General Amr Moussa now condemns the bombardment of civilians by the coalition forces.  Perhaps he regrets that in their haste to see Gaddafi under fire, the league did not think that the western militarists would be too shrewd and their plans too insidious to take the war beyond a no-fly zone. The African Union has explicitly opposed any kind of military intervention in Libya, yet its counsel is deliberately ignored by the media, which is also turning a deaf ear to Pope Benedict XV1’s call for an immediate ceasefire in Libya.
The media is not questioning the rebels’ terms. At least Gaddafi through Hugo Chavez – president of Venezuela wanted to negotiate. The rebels’ terms echoes those of their masters that Gaddafi be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).  The media overlooked the fact that as far as the ICC is concerned, most of the world regard it as a symbol of western hypocrisy, otherwise why were George Bush and Tony Blair not taken to that court for invading Iraq?  The rebels’ terms are impossible for anyone to accept. The media does not question the sincerity of a group of rebels who do not entertain negotiations for the good of the people they claim to represent.  If these so called rebels really care about the people of Libya, why don’t they stop the fighting and use other means available. There is no evidence of the rebels seeking a forum via genuine political means. The media does not question the western powers’ especially the United States’ obsession with supporting rebels, as they did with RENAMO rebels in Mozambique and UNITA rebels led by Jonas Savhimbi in Angola.
 The media knows very well that the rebels and their coalition sponsors do not give a damn about ‘protecting innocent lives’ and upholding ‘universal human rights’.  The imperial war of conquest in Libya is for a totally different reason oil is the underlying reason!
The media has a moral obligation to also demand reform in the current flawed structer of global governance in the UN’s Security Council.  I watched Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General on TV in a live press conference in Egypt. He failed to answer questions on why the UN hasn’t had the same approach to the slaughter of Palestinians by the Israelis in 2008.  There is selective morality at work in the UN.  Yemeni, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have always been ferocious dictatorships; they have always been regimes that bore resemblance to European fascism in their mechanisms of staying power. Andrew North of BBC at least gave a far more balanced perspective: “Yemeni, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia used violence to crush pro-democracy protesters, but only against Libya has the UN mandated the US and its allies to resort to a military response.”  The media should have retrospectively asked why Ban Ki Moon did not condemn NATO for its illegal act of aggression when it recently bombed Gaddafi’s compound. The media conveniently opts for self-censorship when it is supposed to question why the same UN ignored the genocide in Rwanda where more than 800 000 innocent lives perished.  For decades the apartheid regime in South Africa defied the UN and the World Court on Namibia.  The racist regime terrorised the occupied country, using it as a base for its aggression against neighboring states, and exerted an awesome toll.  The UN Security Council never proposed bombing apartheid South Africa.
Che Guevara said: “As long as imperialism exists, it will by definition exert its domination over other countries.  Today that domination is called neo-colonialism.”  The gullibility of the masses that are spoon-fed the rhetoric by the opinions of the mainstream news networks that Gaddafi, not the rebels, is “killing his own people” goes to show the brain-washing power of neo-colonialism. The media is not interrogating Europe and the United States on who has given them the right to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign African country? The media knows very well that the greatest threat to Europe does not come from so called Moslem terrorists, but from Pan-Africanism.  Europe fears a unified Black Continent in control of its own resources and speaking with one voice.  Gaddafi became a target by championing anti-imperialist causes, and for his refusal to play the puppet games of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  The media ignores the fact that Gaddafi made a conscious effort to throw his resources behind the development of African Unity.  He firmly aligned himself with the cause of African unity and liberation.  Libya under Gaddafi unswervingly supported the armed struggles for independence in South Africa and Namibia, while the West unashamedly supported and armed the apartheid regime.
The mechanism of neo-colonialism continues to exercise its designs in plain view.  When the war in Libya did not go the way of Western interests, the coalition forces imposed the “self-serving” no-fly zone; clearly cutting off every advantage Gaddafi had to recover his country.  The media is not questioning why in an age where colonialism is supposed to have taken a back seat: “How do you dictate to an independent nation like Libya what to do with its air-space?”  The media is not probing why there was no fly-zone when thousands of Palestinians were killed by Israel in 2008; why is there no fly-zone in Bahrain and Yemen?”  It is obvious that a ban on the Libyan national air-force to fly over their own territory is a gross interference in the domestic affairs of that country.  Who is fooling who? No-Fly Zone is an act of war, because to enact a no-fly zone you need to gain air-supremacy of a sovereign nation’s air-space.
The media is not telling us the exact nature of the charges against Gaddafi.  He has been in power for too long. Media analysts should spell out that the issue of how long Gaddafi is in office should not be the concern of the outside world; sovereignty means that is Libya’s business. The media should have requested specific details which are reflective of the economy in Libya: “Is Gaddafi running a country with mass starvation and mass unemployment?”  The millions of workers mainly from Europe evacuated from Libya are indicators that the North African country was a melting pot: “Since 2000, Libya has recorded favorable growth rates with an estimated 10.6% growth of GDP in 2010, and that is far greater than most of the western world.”
Regardless of what one thinks of Libya, it is the legal ruling system which has created much wealth and stability. My point is that when western politicians close ranks behind an unjust military action for oil, journalists must have the intellectual independence to supply the critical counterweight on their own; otherwise everyone will continue to cry over spilt innocent blood.


Memories of Abbottabad,

Page last updated at 10:48 GMT, Saturday, 7 May 2011 11:48 UK

Memories of Abbottabad, Bin Laden's hideout

The world will remember the Pakistani city of Abbottabad as the place where Osama Bin Laden was finally tracked down, but for the BBC's Mishal Husain it holds many happy memories, from long before al-Qaeda and its leader first emerged.

Obama, Cameron congratulate Harper on big win‎

illuminati news

Pakistanis cry 'Death to America'

SAD  but the hate is  on all  sides

message to osama bin laden hey binny

Radical rage: Pakistani Islamists burn a US flag during a protest. While there were protests around the world, many weren't as large as expected. Picture: Banaras Khan AFP
PAKISTANIS have taken to the streets, cheering the slain Osama bin Laden and shouting "Death to America".
While hundreds of activists turned out, there was no major public outpouring in a country where more people have died in bomb attacks than those killed on September 11, 2001 and ordinary people struggle with inflation and power cuts.
In Abbottabad, the town where bin Laden was found and killed by US commandos in a shock operation on May 2, police marshalled a rally of about 1000 men who gathered at the downtown bazaar to march after Friday prayers.
Setting fire to tyres and blocking a main road, the protesters yelled: "Down, down USA!" and "Terrorist, terrorist, USA terrorist".
Also overnight, Pakistan arrested 40 people in Abbottabad  suspected of having links to bin Laden, FOX News Channel reported, citing a report by the Open Source Centre, a US government-sponsored monitoring site.
The arrests came after a search operation launched yesterday by Pakistani intelligence agencies and police in Abbottabad, the report said, adding that official sources called it the "second phase" of the operation that killed Bin Laden.
A regional leader in Pakistan's main religious party Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) mocked Pakistan's powerful army chief of staff, General Ashfaq Kayani.
"You did not fulfil your duty. When they attacked, you were sleeping. Don't be afraid of America, come out of your air-conditioned room," Mohammad Ibrahim Khan told the crowd, waving banners that condemned the raid.
Both the Pakistani and US governments have said Monday's operation was carried out with Islamabad in the dark.
Pakistan's weak civilian government is widely unpopular among the country's population of 170 million, and seen by them as a lackey to the United States.
Widespread anti-Americanism is fuelled by the 10-year war in neighbouring Afghanistan and a CIA drone war targeting al-Qaida and Taliban commanders who live in Pakistan's tribal belt in the northwest.
A US drone attack on Friday targeted a vehicle and a compound in North Waziristan, the region where US officials had said in the past they believed bin Laden was holed up, killing eight militants, including al-Qaida members.
"People become terrorists when they see their loved ones killed in drone attacks," Fazalur Rehman, a labourer, said in the capital Islamabad.
"Pakistanis simply hate Americans."
In the country's biggest city of Karachi, just 500 of the estimated 16 million residents staged a rally to praise bin Laden as "a soldier of Islam", chanting "Down with America" and "Down with US slaves".
"We salute him. We also salute the Taliban who are fighting in Afghanistan and hope the US will be defeated in Afghanistan," said the Karachi head of JI, Mohammad Hussain Mehanti.
In the southwest, hundreds of people gathered in the city of Quetta at the behest of the pro-Taliban Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) political party, where the crowd shouted "Long Live Osama", called for holy war and burnt a US flag.
Hafiz Fazal Bareach, a former federal senator and senior party leader, said the US killing of bin Laden would create thousands of others like him and vowed that "jihad (holy war) will continue against America and its allies."
JI had called for protests across the country to denounce the US operation, but gatherings were not as large as some people had expected.
Smaller-scale rallies took place in other Asian Muslim countries, where Fridays are traditional days of protest after the main weekly prayers.
In Indonesia's Central Java province, about 100 Muslims took an oath to declare themselves ready to die as martyrs to avenge bin Laden's killing.
About 70 Muslims in the Philippine capital Manila tried to march to the US embassy, following a rallying cry from cleric Sheikh Jamil Yahya condemning the US authorities as terrorists, but they were blocked by riot police.

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