Monday, April 7, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370:

  1. ABC Online ‎- 2 hours ago
    The pinger locator deployed by Australia's Ocean Shield defence vessel in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has detected ...Shaitan-Aiwass is a form of Set recognized by Crowley as his Holy Guardian Angel but Crowley only truly recognised this fact when he had 'crossed the Abyss' and substituted 'Adonai' meaning Lord with Aiwass. Crossing the Abyss is a technical term which means transcending fully all personal identity by 'dying' to the world. (The death here is not physical but a metaphor for complete dis-identification with the ego, a process which is necessary to enjoy the highest mystical states, as these transcend duality.) In the light of my researches into the Book of the Law Crowley's relationship with Aiwass makes particular sense if we consider the spirit of Aiwass to be the Holy Guardian Angel of all Mankind, or put another way, if we consider Mankind to be an organic sentient entity, there is a force/a current/a being/a pattern which represents that entity's true will. One of the numbers of Aiwass generated by gemetria is 418, which is also the number of the Great Work and results from multiplying 19 by 22. This I believe lends further credence to my suggestion that the special relationship Aiwass has with Mankind is that he represents our true will. The number 22 represents the Universe, being the number of paths on the Tree of Life and the number 19 represents manifestation, being the number of paths that have some existence below the Abyss (in the phenomenal world). When Crowley took the 'jump' from personal initiation, to the full realization that consciousness is a continuum by taking the Oath of the Abyss (which means interpreting all events as a direct and significant dealing with a Unity called God) a fuller connection was made with Aiwass. The New Aeon is an age of direct recognition of this incredible creative, chaotic potential. It is the age of genius. Saturn is the planet that corresponds with Set and as such represents both initiation and the stricture of us facing our karma. It equates on the Tree of Life with Binah the sephiroth of Understanding which rests above the duality of human consciousness (and above the Abyss of the difference) in the Supernal Triad. We have entered an age when the shackles of suppression will be blasted physically, magickally and mystically. The discipline normally associated with Saturn is required to guide us through these chaotic times. Considering the difficulties he was to face in his lifetime, Crowley at the beginning of his magickal career, picked what proved to be a very aptly chosen magickal motto, Perdurabo, meaning 'I will endure till the end', and when the chaos of Set/Horus, so symptomatic of the New Age, was invoked, it is hardly surprising that he was labelled the wickedest man in the world by a world that didn't realize how wicked it had been.