Thursday, November 27, 2014


Another famous beetle is the VW Beetle. If The Beatles are the worlds biggest band, the VW Beetle is their equivalent in the world of cars. It's the biggest selling car-design ever.
To be fair the Toyota Corolla have been sold in more units, but the Corolla have been redesigned many times through the years, while the VW Beetle have remained the same.


The car Eighty-Eight was the inspiration for the song "Rocket 88" recorded by Sam Philips. It's considered by many to be the first Rock'n'Roll-song ever. Sam Philips later started Sun Records based in Memphis, Tennessee. 
Memphis, Egypt was where the pharaohs of old resided, the Sun kings of Egypt, worshiped like Gods.
Memphis, Tennessee also has its own Sun KingElvis Presley, the King of Rock'n'Roll. Or should I say El-vis? El is an old Semitic word for God.

"Rocket 88" (originally written as Rocket "88") is a rhythm and bluessong that was first recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 3 or 5, 1951 (accounts differ). The recording was credited to Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats, who were actually Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm.
The record reached no.1 on the Billboard R&B chart. Many experts acknowledge its importance in the development of rock and roll music, asthe first rock and roll record.

Many writers have suggested that "Rocket 88" has strong claims to be called the first rock'n'roll record, but others take a more nuanced view. Charlie Gillett, writing in 1970 in The Sound of the City, said that it was "one of several records that people in the music business cite as 'the first rock'n'roll record'".[11] It has been suggested by Larry Birnbaum that the idea that "Rocket 88" could be called "the first rock'n'roll record" first arose in the late 1960s; he argued that: "One of the reasons is surely that Kizart's broken amp anticipated the sound of the fuzzbox, which was in its heyday when "Rocket 88" was rediscovered

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Perhaps the worst of all this drama for Taylor is that she has lost what she thought was a real connection with Michael. After her past became public knowledge  – and tabloid headlines — Taylor waited for Michael to call her. But he didn’t… and he still hasn’t.
“I went through hell for him. I protected him. I stayed quiet as the media ripped me apart for seven weeks. I have trusted him and fell for him. My past, my livelihood has all been exposed and taken from me, yet I am evil and destroying his life. I have friends that can’t be on my social media because they don’t want to be linked to this. I can’t go to the gym, the mall, or anywhere without people knowing who I am, first as Michael’s girlfriend portrayed by the media, and then by my whole past,

Taylor Lianne Chandler, the woman who confessed to being Olympian Michael Phelps girlfriend prior to him going to rehab on Nov. 20, has been suffering severe backlash since sharing her story of being born intersex with the world. But even her harshest critics don’t know all the details, as Taylor explains that she told her secret to Michael before she told anyone else.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


  1. undocumented Mexican immigrant Astrid Silva was mentioned in Mr Obama's speech
  2. she was brought to the US aged four, with just her doll, a cross and the dress she wore
  3. now she is working on her third college degree
  4. line
  5. "The action by the president yesterday will only encourage more people to come here illegally," Mr Boehner said. "[It] also punishes those who have obeyed the law and waited their turn."
  6. The Republican leader said Mr Obama's actions fail to to 
  7. \take into account the wishes of the American people, 
  8. adding it is not the first time the US leader has acted without the consent of Congress.
  • "All year long I have warned the president that by taking unilateral action on matters such as his healthcare law or by threatening action repeatedly on immigration, he was making it impossible to build the trust necessary to work together," Mr Boehner said.

    Martha Moran, with her six-year-old son Tonatiuh Moran, watch Obama speech