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rees supported the Old Irish in body, mind and spirit. It is little wonder that trees are so rooted in the Irish psyche.
1. Oak - from the Irish duir, which can be translated at door. The oak is associated with County Derry and the oak is also associated with one of Ireland's three premier saints - St. Columcille of Donegal. Oak's strength is manifest not just in its use as a building material but also spirituality. Oak leaves crown depictions of The Green Man or Man of the Wildwood. Along with Hawthorn and Ash it is alleged to be the favoured habitation for fairies.
2. Hazel - Hazel is rather magical. Hazel nuts fed the salmon of wisdom. When the salmon had has his fill of these nine hazel nuts, he was also full of knowledge. Hazel rods are also used for water divining. The Irish superhero Fionn MacColl is the "fair son of Hazel" so areas associated with his adventures will also resonate with the spiritual energy of the Hazel.
3. Apple - County Armagh is Ireland's Orchard County. Of course, as the spiritual and ecclesiastical centre of Ireland it also is associated with St. Patrick. The classic Irish dessert is apple tart, flaky shortcrust pastry enveloping sweet local apples grown in the Loughall district. Apples, as well as turnips, are used in divination games at Halloween.
4. Yew - This tree can live for millennia or more and is frequently found in graveyards. There is a tradition that the cemetery yew grew a root around every corpse. Because it is evergreen and so hardy it symbolises eternal life. Along with holly, it was the wood favoured by Celtic warriors.
5. Ash - Both the Norse and the Celts viewed the tall ash as Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. When cut it bleeds red sap. Because of its wide-spreading roots this species, along with the Yew, is associated with the Underworld. Because of this and the magical associations with fairies the ash was known as the 'door opener'. While very strong, it is also flexible. Along with willow it is a popular material for basket making.
6. Holly - This winter evergreen is associated with the battle between the Holly and Oak Kings at Winter Solstice. Because of its warrior attributes it signifies courage. Yet, because it is sacred to the waning year it has a more meditative side as well. This is the tree of the Spiritual Warrior rather than the soldier.
7. Pine - This species was one of the first to wood the isle of Erin. This is the other evergreen tree that comes into own at Winter Solstice. Pine oil is a great cleansing agent. The aroma of pine needles freshen the air and clear the lungs. While Holly battles oak for supremacy, pine is the peaceful, contemplative and deeply spiritual presence of winter.

SEVEN SISTERS CALIFORNIA As of the census[3] of 2000, there were 1,666 people, 403 households, and 307 families residing in the CDP. 

 Seven Trees was a census-designated place in South San Jose and it was previously an unincorporated pocket in Santa Clara CountyCalifornia, surrounded by San Jose. It was annexed into San Jose on November 23, 2009.[1]


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Making it hard for small channels to survive

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The devastating fire at London's Grenfell Tower has highlighted the widespread neglect of the UK's residential high-rises, says Owen Hatherley.

Grenfell Tower protesters storm Kensington town hall – video report .... with the DUP” demo, organised by Guardian columnist Owen Jones, 

The changes to the existing tower will improve its appearance ... "If spread of fire does occur, as has happened at Grenfell Tower, the ... HEARTBROKEN: Family friend, Leonne Scott and Rachel Turner-Owen,

The Grenfell Tower plans that pose questions over devastating fire that ... Former president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Owen ..

Owen Luder, former RIBA president ... The fire alarm system, that should be throughout atGrenfell Tower, should have given immediate 

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Adam West (born William West Anderson; September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017) was an American actor widely known for his role as Batman in the 1960s ABC series Batman and its theatrical feature film — and whose career spanned seven decades.
West began acting in films in 1959, playing opposite Chuck Connors in Geronimo (1962) and The Three Stooges in The Outlaws Is Coming (1965). He also appeared in the science fiction film Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), and performed voice work on The Fairly OddParentsThe Simpsons, and Family Guy, playing fictional versions of himself in all three.

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London terror attack: 19-year-old says taxi driver saved her life



1996–1997: Green Man[edit]

After Take That split, Owen became the first of the band's ex-members to release a solo record. He reached number three in the UK Singles Chart with his debut single, "Child".[26]His second single, "Clementine", also went to number three.[26] In 1996 his album Green Man was released, charting at a number 33. After another single, "I Am What I Am", charted at number 29, Owen was dropped by BMG Records in late 1997.

OWEN SOUND - Local Masons still practice secret rituals and use symbols that harken back to the Middle Ages in a meeting room designed to instil wonder.
Witness the dark panelling and ceiling fashioned like upturned ship's hull, and rows of handsome old wooden chairs facing an altar with a blue velvet pillow with golden trim. Geometric shapes and repeating patterns abound in a room where rich blue carpet is laid.
The leader is called "worshipful master".
The meaning of ceremonial swords, a floor mosaic with a star in the centre and a jewel-like glass beneath it, pillars on either side of chairs up two steps from the floor, opposite more impressive chairs three steps up against the east wall ñ was left mostly to the imagination.
Members of the Masonic Lodge in Owen Sound, at 1040 2nd Ave. W., welcomed the chance to show the curious around during the annual Doors Open event Saturday. But they declined to share all their secrets. Some things are revealed only to members, depending on the degree in the Masonic hierarchy they've reached.

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