Monday, October 9, 2017




Soundly, I have a few questions brother. How can someone such as myself, without resorting to information told to me by a multi billion dollar per year government backed "space" agency, how can I detect "spin" and "curvature" for myself, using the "scientific method" if need be? Also why is the earth's supposed RA-dius 3960 mi. (which the digital root equals 9, NASA tells us 3959 miles, which makes it off by one mile and now the digital root is an 8), the moon's supposed RA-dius is 1080 mi. (which the digital root equals 9 and is the sum of interior angles in a regular octagon, NASA again claims slightly differently and tells us 1079 miles, which makes it off by one mile again just like earth's RA-dius and now the digital root is also an 8), and the Sun's supposed RA-dius we are told is roughly 432,000 mi. (which the digital root equals 9 as well and the number 432 is also found / used to be the standard for tuning before being changed to 440 hz in which 432's digital root is 9 but 440's digital root is an 8). Also the Sun's supposed diameter is roughly 864,000 mi. (which the digital root equals 9 and one way to find a close approximation to Pi is 864 / 275 and is also represented with how many seconds are in a single day, i.e. 86,400 seconds!) Not to mention that when one takes the Earth's supposed RA-dius and adds it to the moon's supposed RA-dius the sum is 5040 miles which not only has a digital root of 9 as well (check out Vortex Based Mathematics / 9 code), but is also the sum of 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 = 5040 and 7x8x9x10 = 5040! Now to me this may be the result of 1 of 3 things or perhaps a combination of a couple of them. 1.) Somehow all this mathematics pertaining to the RA-dius of the Earth, Moon and Sun are all somehow coincidental and all by chance and luck and nothing more just like we are told that the "Big Bang THEORY", the Darwinian  "THEORY of evolution" and the "Goldie Locks zone" are all somehow coincidental and by chance and luck as well and nothing more? Or 2.) That all of this is proof of some Divine Universal Intelligence / G.A.O.T.U. of sorts so to speak and perhaps mathematics are its language and geo-metry are its blueprints for creation (hence the "G" in the middle of the MA-sonic "Square and Compass" / dos equis / XX)? or 3.) That all of this is a fabrication / creation myth of a Speculative Free(stone) MAsonic brotherhood (Orange Order of 33 perhaps, hence supposedly bringing Tang to the fake Moon landings, along with a 33rd degree Masonic Flag supposedly brought on the fake moon landing as well by a 33rd Free(stone) MA-son Buzz Aldrin, etc.) and that this "official story" was created to hide the truth in plain sight via "Squaring the Circle" via the Philosopher's Stone and using the numbers of the Earth and the Moon to secretly put this information hidden in plain sight right in front of our very faces / above our heads while most of us ignorant masses / ignorant majority / goyim are all indoctrinated with a false history, base level mathematics and geometry and other various lies told to us since a very young and impressionable age to unquestionably and subserviently accept at face value, all of this as facts told to us by our Rockefeller / Vanderbilt / Carnegie / Gates public institutions of indoctrination and standardization? For we all may be unwillingly participating in a rigged game / World Stage of sorts and are born and bred to be free range wage / debt slaves in an open air prison with the illusion of choice via living, buying, consuming and dying, who only get to ELect who "they" select for us, an illusion of "Democracy TM" when perhaps we are all against our will are all serving a Corporatocracy / Technocracy / Plutocracy / Oligarchy of sorts who in turn serve Central Banks and multi national resource extracting corporations? Now perhaps I may be missing something here and you could enlighten me more on this? Feel free to answer back or not. Tis up to you my friend. Either way, Namaste and love and light my friend. By the way, I myself know what the speculative Free(stone) MA-sons know and I am exposing it all. No more secrets.